Michelangelo Antonioni – Intervista di Roger Ebert (1969)

Mentre Antonioni girava Zabriskie Point. Posted on by Rive Gauche – ArteCinema

HOLLYWOOD – There is nobody who can tell you what Michelangelo Antonioni’s new film is about, not even Antonioni. On a quiet Saturday morning, he sits curled at one end of a sofa and talks about the futility of it all.

“I never discuss the plots of my film,” he says. “I never release a synopsis before I begin shooting. How could I? Until the film is edited, I have no idea myself what it will be about. And perhaps not even then. Perhaps the film will only be a mood, or a statement about a style of life. Perhaps it has no plot at all, in the way you use the word.”

Antonioni speaks softly, almost to himself. He uses English well and with a great deal of precision.


Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert



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